Rx Alerts

Transforming primary care prescribing data into actionable insights

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NHS practice prescribing data has been published for a number of years now.  As experts in analytics and reporting, we understand that in order for your sales teams to be truly effective, they need to be able to utilise data, such as the NHS practice prescribing data, to further understand their customers. Finding the true insights within the data can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

What is Rx Alerts?

Rx Alerts is an expert service from CSL that applies Artificial Intelligence to the NHS ePact data to provide custom alerts to each subscriber based on the brands and geography they are interested in. It is the giant magnet you need to find that needle. We utilise data for England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland within the tool ensuring a complete UK picture is provided.

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How does Rx Alerts work?

We have developed a unique data engine that trawls through the entire NHS dataset (over 12 million rows of data every month) and identifies interesting patterns, such as a large market share change, or a product switch. These alerts are then sent to the user each month. Rx Alerts is available on laptop, iPad and smartphone, ensuring your users have direct access to the data they need, when they need it.

Key benefits include:
• Free entry level service available to all
• Advanced alerts service providing more in-depth analysis
• Tailored information: choose the products, markets and geography relevant to you
• Instant access in the field, enabling sales teams to quickly take action
• Customised market definitions and alert types available with an annual subscription fee

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