Impact of COVID-19 on Pharma Datasets

Supporting Pharmaceutical companies during COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 on pharma datasets and analysis


The COVID-19 pandemic causes many challenges, one of which is the impact on the datasets we use as an industry. Whether it’s forecasting, sales targets, supply chain or hospital coding to name a few.

At CSL we are able to help assess the expected impacts on key data sets and how they might be compensated for going forward.

Pharmaceutical companies face the immediate challenge of a lack of available data and an uncertainty around how to conduct studies in the future using real-world evidence.

Difficulties abound for short and long-term forecasting, with so much uncertainity as to when life will return to normal - and what that normal may look like.

Alongside this, interactions with HCPs has changed dramatically. It is unclear yet what the impact on new product launches will be, but with the current new way of working there are some serious challenges ahead.

CSL works with pharmaceutical companies to navigate and understand worst case / best case scenario assumptions. We support our clients to interpret data appropriately given the current challenges. CSL provides Business Intelligence insights, that incorporate assumptions to take into account the existing unprecedented market conditions. We are working with clients to:

  • Re-assess forecast and sales targets
  • Assess the impact of COVID-19 on KPI’s
  • Integrate new data sets to cope with the COVID-19